Jewish Giving

Jewish Giving

We support programs that help build a more robust and vibrant Jewish community.

We believe in targeting key life stages to engage individuals and strengthen the Jewish community. This includes support in the following focus areas:

  • Creating compelling opportunities for young families (those with children ages 0-5) to connect to the Jewish community, bridging these families to meaningful long-term engagement in the community;
  • Increasing the number of children participating in high quality Jewish education programs, creating a rising generation of future leaders and Jewishly engaged individuals;
  • Connecting young adults to Jewish life through engaging, relevant programming;
  • Broadening the community’s reach to embrace the diversity of today’s Jews– particularly interfaith families;
  • Building the sector to propagate best practices, and seed new approaches that respond to today’s challenges.

We also support Holocaust education and organizations that combat Anti-Semitism, and provide social services in Chicago.

We support programs that have national impact, or that enrich the greater Chicago area.  We provide targeted support for Israel in the areas of medical care, poverty alleviation and higher education. Unsolicited applications from Israeli organizations are not accepted.