We believe that a high-quality education has the power to strengthen the futures of young people, our communities, and beyond.

In our education work, we target strategies that improve equitable access to high-quality school experiences; evidence-based supports on a student’s pathway from early childhood to and through postsecondary success; and a strong education ecosystem that can sustain impact.

Our portfolio supports systemic change through direct service and capacity building grants, replications of best practices, and innovation. By concentrating our investments in the Chicago area, we strive to create deep local impact while elevating new ideas that can influence education practice and policy nationally.

Focus areas for the education portfolio include:

Effective Leaders: Catalyzing innovative and collaborative approaches to school improvement through the targeted preparation, support, and retention of exceptional school leaders and teachers in the highest need schools. 

Early Childhood: Ensuring schools are well prepared to provide excellent early childhood learning environments and instruction to the students who need it most, as well as seeding approaches to increase parent engagement in schools.

Postsecondary Success:  Increasing the number of Chicago Public School students graduating prepared for college and career success and persisting in their chosen path by reducing the barriers to access, affordability, and completion.

Arts Education: Facilitating equitable access to strong arts education programming in Chicago to ensure that all students have the benefit of well-rounded and holistic learning experiences.