Our Work

Our Work

Where We Work

While CFP partners with communities across the country and around the world, our deep focus on Chicago has remained central across decades of family leadership. We are committed to a Chicago where all people have what they need to thrive: from equitable and high-quality public education, to shelter and safety, to beautiful and enriching public spaces.

CFP’s international giving primarily focuses on Israel, where we fund a variety of initiatives, and sub-Saharan Africa, where we fund community health initiatives.

Our Current Priorities

Crown Family Philanthropies has elevated a number of pressing issues as Lead Pursuits: areas where we are devoted to deepening our strategy and partnering with organizations to develop and deploy dynamic and innovative solutions. We also remain invested in a number of Core Commitments, or issue areas that the Crown Family cares deeply about and has historically supported.

Lead Pursuits for each of CFP’s five funding areas are currently under development. Several emerging Lead Pursuits, including ending homelessness in Chicago and improving water quality in Lake Michigan’s watershed, are highlighted in our individual funding area pages, below.