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Reimagining Jewish engagement for young adults

June 2017

Young adult Jews are connecting differently to the Jewish community than previous generations. Four in ten Jews aged 18 to 29 have no Jewish denominational affiliation, compared to only a quarter of Jews aged 50+, yet 96% of those aged 18-29 reported that they are proud to be Jewish. Historically, organized Jewish life focused on children and families, with limited offerings for single adults without children. Today, more than half of all young Jewish adults are unmarried.  Organizations that are successful in engaging Millennials are reimagining Jewish tradition and engagement to meet the needs of a new generation of Jewish young adults.

Moishe House provides meaningful Jewish experiences for young adults by supporting leaders in their 20s as they create vibrant home-based Jewish communities for themselves and their peers. Three to five residents are selected to live in a house, and they become a hub of Jewish community for young adults. Moishe House further empowers young adults through Moishe House “Without Walls”. Through this program, young Jewish adults not living in Moishe Houses are eligible to receive funding to plan up to two events per month for their peers. Additionally, Moishe House retreats provide training and Jewish learning on a range of topics.

There are more than 100 Moishe Houses around the world, including five in Chicago.