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Nourishing Innovative Jewish Organizations

June 2017

As the world continues to evolve, the Jewish community must evolve with it. Changes in social mobility, the role of technology, and the structure of American communities have created new paradigms for affiliation and community.  Seeding innovation ensures that the Jewish community remains vibrant and relevant.  This includes fostering new leadership and approaches in the Jewish landscape.

More than half (57%) of new Jewish ventures fail within the first 5 years – a rate that mirrors the failure rate for startups in the for-profit sector.  To succeed, innovators need resources and networks to aid their success, in addition to financial support.

Upstart provides capacity-building to people and organizations pursuing innovative endeavors in the Jewish community. Programs include both individualized coaching, growth planning, and network-building for early-stage ventures, as well as workshops that teach broadly applicable skills.  In addition to supporting entrepreneurs creating new ventures, Upstart has specialized programs for “intra-preneurs” – leaders in established Jewish organizations looking to work in new ways.