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Standing with students, (left to right) Irving, Rose, Ed, Henry, John, and Herman Crown attend the groundbreaking of Sol R. Crown Public School in 1960. 


At the end of the 19th century, Arie and Ida Crown emigrated from Eastern Europe and settled in Chicago with hopes of providing a better life and opportunities for their children. Despite meager beginnings, they were able to provide their children a stable home that was embedded in Jewish values and traditions.

Their upbringing created lifelong values that served as the foundation on which to build one of the most successful corporations in America, Material Service Corporation. In 1947, the Crown Family allocated a portion of the profits from the business to create a foundation that would allow them to give back to the country and communities that provided them with opportunities to prosper.

In 2009, after more than 60 years of family grantmaking under the name Arie and Ida Crown Memorial, Crown Family Philanthropies (CFP) was developed to represent an array of family grantmaking practices. Today the legacy of Arie and Ida Crown lives on in the work continued by their descendants.