Human Services

Enhance the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods

Family Focus

Human Services

Enhance the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods

We support efforts that strive to enhance quality of life for individuals and families living in low-income communities.

We believe everyone has the right to adequate food, clothing, housing and necessary social services to sustain their livelihood. Human Services invests in organizations that are establishing safe communities for individuals, creating housing and employment stability within underserved populations and developing communities through neighborhood revitalization programs.

Organizations that fit within the Human Services funding area include:

Economic Resiliency

This portfolio supports organizations with missions built on the premise that under-resourced families are more likely to achieve sustained financial security if they can avail themselves of job training, placement, retention services, asset-building opportunities, financial services and education, and access to public work supports.

Safe Communities

Organizations that provide services to survivors of violence are supported by this portfolio. Services include prevention, crisis intervention, and survivor advocacy. Comprehensive services are prioritized within this portfolio. 

Stable Housing

Emergency, transitional, and/or permanent supportive housing, ideally with wraparound services provided directly or through partner referrals, are the focus of this portfolio. Housing services are tailored to the needs of various populations, including chronically homeless adults, children and youth, individuals with disabilites, survivors of violence, and returning citizens.