Representatives from the Crown Family, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Ducks Unlimited band common terns which are endangered in Wisconsin.


We support organizations that restore, preserve and protect natural systems to support a healthy future for all life.

Intensifying environmental challenges demand immediate and creative solutions. Our environmental grantmaking builds on our long-standing commitment to support a thriving Midwest for humans and wildlife.

The Midwest is home to one-fifth of the world’s surface freshwater and is one of the most intensely farmed regions in the world. As an international hub for industry and agriculture, the Midwest is also a critical player in the transition to a clean and efficient global energy system. Given this, our environmental grantmaking focuses on opportunities to improve practices related to freshwater, land, agriculture and energy. While we primarily support work in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, we also support forest health work in the Western United States related to wildfire and water quality.

Goals for Environment portfolios include:


Establish energy efficiency and conservation as standard practices in the Chicago region, accelerate clean energy innovation, and assist communities to successfully recover from the environmental legacy of declining energy industries.


Improve the ecological health of key watersheds in the Great Lakes region and reduce wildfire impacts on water quality in the Western US.

Land and Agriculture

Restore and protect the health and resiliency of natural habitats and support food system changes that reduce pressure on ecological systems.