Arts & Culture

Build capacity and access to quality arts learning

Arts & Culture

Build capacity and access to quality arts learning

We believe that arts learning is an essential part of a high-quality education and that all students deserve equitable access to a full range of arts education opportunities and experiences.

Our arts & culture portfolio builds on our education priorities and invests in efforts that improve access to quality arts learning for preK-12th grade Chicago students while fostering an appreciation for the arts. To address uneven access to arts learning and experiences across Chicago schools, our portfolio supports organizations that strive to provide a variety of high-quality arts education opportunities in schools and communities underserved by the arts. Focus areas for the arts & culture portfolio include:

Sector Building

Advance policies and strengthen organizations to better ensure access to quality arts education and appreciation in Chicago.

In-School Arts Learning and Integration; Out-of-School Arts Education

Develop and deliver quality arts education and/or integration programs to Chicago students.

Arts Experience and Exposure

Provide culturally rich experiences that deepen arts education programming and/or cultivate arts appreciation

Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness

Build the capacity of teachers and school leaders to implement high quality arts education programs in Chicago schools.

Arts Resources

Expand under-resourced school and community access to arts materials and equipment.