A Message To Our Community

June 4, 2020

Our philanthropy has always been motivated by the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam, or “repairing the world.”

We share this world with our family, our friends, and all members of the community. We hold it in sacred trust for future generations. But this world is in urgent need of repair. A world where people of color are denied economic opportunities, are unnecessarily more vulnerable to disease, and are targeted with violence is a broken one. 

As a philanthropy, we stand with the people and organizations who are doing the critical work of creating a society free from racism and inequity. We will be increasing our funding in this challenging period, focusing on supporting communities that have faced systemic disinvestment, and taking steps to educate ourselves more deeply about the issues of racial injustice and inequality.  While we have built an endowment to support social impact efforts for future generations, we feel that we must commit more of those resources today so that the future can be brighter, safer, and more equitable.

As a family, we cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing a brother like George Floyd, a daughter like Breonna Taylor, or a son like Ahmaud Arbery to senseless violence. We recognize that these events are but recent and well-publicized examples in a long history of unjust violence towards Black people. We are in solidarity with all who are hurting right now and commit to doing more—and doing better—to help repair the world.

Crown Family Philanthropies