How much money should an organization request?
Organizations should first consider how much money the program requires and then consider what portion is appropriate for CFP to fund. Please note that CFP staff will ask you about other confirmed and pending sources of support during the review process.

How do organizations know if their application was received?
CFP sends electronic receipts for all emailed LOIs.

What happens if an application arrives past the deadline?
We will consider it for the next cycle.

What happens after an organization submits an LOI?
Once we determine that the LOI submission is complete (i.e. includes all of the required information and materials), we will review the request. If the organization’s work coincides with CFP goals, we may request additional information and/or a full proposal.

What are expectations for reporting?
Grantees are required to submit reports as referenced in your award letter.

What kind of evaluations does CFP conduct?
Evaluations may include a visit from CFP staff or consultants, discussions with grantees, interviews with grantee constituents, reviews of programmatic and financial records maintained by grantees and/or similar investigative activities.

Whom may I contact about my proposal?
Become familiar with the program areas, guidelines, and process through this website before making an inquiry. Please consult with program staff for specific questions. An LOI is the first point of contact.

If not approved, how soon can an organization reapply?
CFP accepts one request within a 12-month period from a single organization.

Can an organization apply for renewed funding?
Yes. The process repeats for renewed funding.