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Spring 2018

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Submission Deadline
By invitation only

Submission Deadline

By invitation only

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We invest in promising schools, effective educators and leaders and holistic supports to prepare preK-12th grade Chicago students for success in college or other post-secondary opportunities

We believe in the power of high-quality early childhood programs and school models to ensure students’ future academic success; the importance of developing principals’ and teachers’ leadership capacity to promote student learning; and the urgency of preparing students for post-secondary success, with an emphasis on access to and persistence through college. We also believe that quality education programs and models benefit from innovative personalized learning approaches and supports to ensure the success of all students. Our portfolio supports systemic change through direct service and capacity building grants, replications of best practices, innovation, and research.

Goals for Education portfolios include:

  • Promising Schools: Provide excellent schools from pre-K through high school that prepare all students for success in college and career.
    • PreK - 12
    • Early Childhood

  • Effective Leadership: Recruit and train high-quality, effective educators and school leaders to transform low-income schools and improve student performance.
    • Principals
    • Teachers

  • Holistic Supports: Provide students and families with wraparound services to support their access and persistence through college; deepen students’ academic proficiency through tutoring and mentoring; and develop innovative educational approaches that employ technology to personalize and deepen learning for all students.
    • College Readiness, Access and Persistence
    • Innovative Personalized Learning and Supports